Property Brochures Design

Client: Crane & Co.
Category: Graphic Design

Crane and Co’s Property Brochures Redefine Excellence

The Brief


At Crane and Co, every detail counts, and their property brochures play a pivotal role in shaping the aspirations of both sellers and buyers. The agency sought a design that not only adhered to their sleek branding but also exuded professionalism. The brochures needed to serve as informative tools for both sellers showcasing their properties and buyers exploring potential homes.

The Concept

Inspired by Crane and Co’s sophisticated branding, we infused the property brochures with a sleek colour palette of blue, gold, and grey. This strategic choice not only maintained the agency’s visual consistency but also added a touch of elegance to the brochures. Smart typography further contributed to the professional and refined look, creating a harmonious visual symphony.

The Delivery

Our meticulous design process resulted in property brochures that are not merely information repositories but visual experiences. Each page is a testament to Crane and Co’s dedication to excellence, showcasing property information and advice with clarity and style. The sleek colour palette and smart typography not only make the information easily digestible but also contribute to an overall impression of professionalism. Whether you’re a seller looking to showcase your property or a buyer searching for your dream home, Crane and Co’s property brochures stand as a beacon of sophistication, guiding you through the real estate journey with style and substance.