Mortgage Advisor Brand Design

Blueprint Mortgages’ Brand Concept Unveiled

The Brief

A unique brand concept for Blueprint Mortgages, a service specialising in mortgage, insurance, and will-writing advice in East Sussex. The goal is to showcase the agency’s new visual identity, blending professionalism with approachability through a stylized house icon and soft blue color palette.

The Concept

Blueprint Mortgages’ brand design combines professionalism and personalised service. The stylised house icon, featuring line work reminiscent of blueprints and fingerprints, symbolises expertise and personalised attention. Blue tones convey trust and reliability, while softer shades add a friendly touch.

The Delivery

The mortgage advisor brand design is brought to life across various materials, including business cards, letterheads, and flyers, maintaining consistency and memorability. The unified branding extends to the website design, providing clients with a cohesive and engaging experience. Through this approach, Blueprint Mortgages establishes itself as a trusted and approachable partner in clients’ financial journeys.