Exciting App Launch Campaign: Unveiling Rustico’s Online Ordering App

The Brief

Rustico, a renowned Neapolitan restaurant chain, entrusted Fizzy Apple with creating a buzz-worthy campaign for the launch of their new online ordering app. The goal was to engage both existing patrons and new customers, highlighting the app’s streamlined features for online orders, including collection and delivery options.

The Concept

To capture attention amid Rustico’s vibrant food photography on social media, we adopted a bold, text-based approach for the app launch campaign. Using the classic Rustico brown paper background and echoing their established brand identity with bold type in their signature tomato red an olive green, we crafted dynamic 3D numbers and enticing copy for a seven-day countdown on social media banners. This design aimed to interrupt scrolling patterns and generate excitement among users.

The Delivery

Our marketing strategy revolved around a progressive countdown, culminating in a final banner announcing the app’s launch with a special 15% discount incentive. The campaign materials featured clear calls to action, prompting users to download the app and enjoy the convenience of online ordering. Additionally, we created a striking parallax banner for Rustico’s website, showcasing the app’s interface and emphasising its user-friendly features for seamless food ordering experiences.