Bexhill’s Angels Property Marketing Campaign

Unveiling Bexhill Estates’ Dynamic Marketing Campaign

The Brief

Embark on a journey through the development of a dynamic marketing campaign for Bexhill Estates, a prominent estate agency in East Sussex. Our mission was to devise a campaign to be deployed across various promotional channels, including print advertising such as newspapers, posters, and flyers, as well as digital platforms like social media, Right Move, and Google banners. The campaign needed to strike a balance between boldness and professionalism, while also showcasing the agency’s local expertise and commitment to excellence.

The Concept

Our concept for the marketing campaign was inspired by the iconic ‘Charlie’s Angels’, leveraging its theme to highlight the all-female leadership team at Bexhill Estates. We aimed to infuse the campaign with a sense of fun and empowerment, while also emphasising the agency’s capability and industry influence. Featuring the three management members prominently in the ads allowed us to establish their presence as the faces of the organisation, making them easily recognisable to the local community. Utilising the vibrant fuchsia pink and cerulean blue from the existing Bexhill Estates branding added a cohesive and eye-catching element to the campaign.

The Delivery

Experience the culmination of our efforts as we unveil the bold and striking marketing campaign for Bexhill Estates. From print advertisements in newspapers, posters, and flyers to digital promotions on social media, Right Move, and Google banners, our campaign leaves an indelible impression. The ads feature the agency’s all-female leadership team, exuding confidence and professionalism while radiating a sense of approachability. With vibrant colors and captivating imagery, we establish Bexhill Estates as a powerhouse in the local real estate scene, poised to serve the community with excellence and integrity.