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Hotel Brand Design: Tottington Manor’s Elegant Identity

The Brief

Tottington Manor, a country house hotel nestled in Henfield, West Sussex, approached Fizzy Apple with their brand evolution requirements encompassing their hotel, restaurant, and wedding venue. Under new ownership since 2021, Tottington Manor desired a design that exuded elegance, history, and heritage, reflecting the age-old charm of its building and scenic grounds. The goal was to create a timeless brand style suitable for various business aspects.

The Concept

The design process delved into capturing Tottington Manor’s essence, blending elegance with historical significance and the natural beauty of the South Downs. The client requested we keep some elements of the original hotel brand, prior to 2021, including their finely illustrated leafy branch, symbolizing growth, nature, and the venue’s scenic setting. This emblem was respectfully integrated above the new logotype, featuring an elegant serif font that echoed the classic yet sophisticated ambiance of the establishment.

The Delivery

The resulting hotel brand design encapsulates Tottington Manor’s ethos perfectly. The intricate leafy branch emblem, coupled with the timeless serif font, creates a harmonious blend of nature and sophistication. This design is versatile, seamlessly fitting across digital platforms and print media, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence for Tottington Manor as a premier hotel, restaurant, and wedding venue.

The hotel brand design for Tottington Manor represents a harmonious blend of elegance and heritage, reflecting the essence of this historic establishment across all touchpoints.