From Mural to Identity: The Logo Evolution of Bentleys Steakhouse

The Brief

Bentleys Steakhouse, a beloved grill restaurant in Bexhill-on-Sea, approached Fizzy Apple with a unique challenge: transforming a captivating wall mural into a functional logo. Inspired by their recently installed mural featuring a cow head with crossed steak knife and spatula, they sought a logo suitable for print and digital mediums.

The Concept

Our concept focused on preserving the essence of the original mural while adapting it for logo use. The cow head symbolised rustic charm and the culinary delights of Bentleys, while the crossed utensils added a touch of culinary artistry. For the evolved version, we retained the cow skull imagery but replaced the text banner with a rustic font. This alteration added a vintage and inviting feel to the logo, aligning perfectly with Bentleys’ warm and welcoming ambiance.

The Delivery

The resulting logos seamlessly integrated into Bentleys’ brand identity, appearing on marketing collateral, store signage, and menus. Customers immediately associated the distinctive cow skull with Bentleys’ exceptional bar and grill experience. Delighted with the initial logo, Bentleys later desired an evolved version with an alternative font, whilst retaining the iconic cow skull motif. The evolved logo reinforced the restaurant’s rustic charm, inviting patrons to savour delicious meals in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Bentleys Steakhouse’s logo evolution journey exemplifies how a captivating mural can transform into a timeless emblem that resonates with customers and reflects the spirit of a cherished establishment.