DiGiCo Magazine Print Advert Designs

Client: DiGiCo

Unveiling Innovation: DiGiCo’s Print Ad Campaigns

The Brief

Fizzy Apple proudly partners with DiGiCo, the pioneering British company transforming the audio industry from their Chessington headquarters. Tasked with crafting regular print adverts for industry magazines, our mission is clear: showcase DiGiCo’s cutting-edge digital mixing consoles and audio technologies in a manner that’s as bold and dynamic as the products themselves. With a focus on highlighting tech specs while maintaining DiGiCo’s signature minimalist aesthetic, our aim is to captivate audiences and reinforce the brand’s position as an industry leader.

The Concept

Our concept for DiGiCo’s print adverts is rooted in the marriage of innovation and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the sleek design of DiGiCo’s products, we infuse each ad with clean lines, crisp typography, and a minimalist layout. The spotlight is on the tech specs, presented in a clear and concise manner to appeal to industry professionals seeking detailed information. However, we also inject a touch of Fizzy Apple’s trademark humor and dynamism, ensuring that the adverts stand out amidst the sea of industry publications. Each ad serves as a testament to DiGiCo’s commitment to excellence and innovation, enticing readers to explore the possibilities offered by their state-of-the-art audio solutions.

The Delivery

Step into the world of audio excellence with DiGiCo’s print adverts, meticulously crafted by Fizzy Apple to captivate and inform. From the largest music tours to major television productions, DiGiCo’s consoles continue to set the standard for quality and innovation. With each advert, we invite readers to embark on a journey of discovery, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance. Join us as we celebrate DiGiCo’s legacy of pushing boundaries and shaping the future of sound.