Charity Social Media Campaign

Bexhill Family Collective Charity Social Media Campaign

Community Connection: Bexhill Family Collective’s Social Media Campaign

The Brief

Bexhill Family Collective, a beloved local charity committed to nurturing community bonds and support tasked Fizzy Apple with promoting their diverse initiatives—from the community pantry to the forest school—through a lively social media campaign. We aimed to foster engagement both online and offline. With a palette of bright colours and playful fonts mirroring the charity’s brand, our mission is to inspire active participation and involvement within the community.

The Concept

Our concept centers on amplifying community spirit and participation. Drawing from Bexhill Family Collective’s vibrant branding, we infuse the campaign with lively colors and dynamic fonts to evoke energy and excitement. Each post showcases a unique initiative, inviting followers to join in and contribute to the collective welfare. By incorporating interactive elements like polls and user-generated content, we encourage meaningful interactions and dialogue among community members, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The Delivery

Witness the launch of Bexhill Family Collective’s social media campaign, pulsating with vibrancy and vitality. Through captivating visuals and engaging messaging, we captivate followers’ attention and ignite their passion for community involvement. From volunteering opportunities at the local community garden to delightful craft coffee and cake mornings, our campaign serves as a catalyst for connection and collaboration. Bexhill Family Collective emerges as a beacon of positivity and unity, enriching lives and strengthening bonds within the community.