Restaurant Marketing Campaign

Client: Rustico
Restaurant Marketing Campaign

Rustico Unleashes a Pop-Art Marketing Marvel

The Brief

Fizzy Apple teamed with Rustico, the South-East Neapolitan restaurant franchise, to concoct a sizzling restaurant marketing campaign to tantalise taste buds and stir excitement. Charged with creating a visually arresting campaign across multiple platforms—from printed flyers and in-shop posters to social media graphics —the challenge was to infuse Rustico’s offers with a burst of pop-art flair. Drawing inspiration from the zany world of comic books, our mission was to deliver a campaign that packed a punch and left a lasting impression on diners.

The Concept

Our concept for Rustico’s restaurant marketing campaign is a vibrant explosion of pop-art aesthetics and exaggerated humour. Embracing the dynamic energy of comic book storytelling, we unleash bold colours, eye-catching graphics, and playful fonts reminiscent of classic comic book panels. Each promotional offer is brought to life with whimsical ‘pow’ and ‘blam’ comic elements, injecting a dose of excitement and fun into Rustico’s dining experience. From mouth-watering meal deals to irresistible discounts, every offer leaps off the page and demands attention, inviting diners to join the culinary adventure.

The Delivery

From the punchy posters adorning shop walls to the quirky flyers beckoning diners to dive into deliciousness, our campaign sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Meanwhile, our social media blitz and website showcase Rustico’s offers in all their colourful glory, with striking graphic posts and reels enticing foodies far and wide. With Rustico’s pop-art marketing marvel, every meal becomes an epic adventure filled with laughter, flavour, and fun.