Student Accommodation Website Design

Category: Website Design

Crafting a Responsive Website for Modern Student Living

The Brief

Enter the vibrant world of student living in the heart of Hendon, a sought-after locale among Middlesex University students. Our task: to design a one-page, fully responsive website catering to potential renters of a student accommodation building. Embracing the client’s existing branding of lively pinks and purples, our goal is to promote the accommodation and provide essential information in a visually engaging manner.

The Concept

Our concept revolves around encapsulating the dynamic spirit of student life in Hendon within a single digital space. By leveraging the client’s vibrant branding palette of pinks and purples, we aim to create a visually stimulating experience that resonates with our target audience. Through strategic layout and compelling visuals, we seek to showcase the accommodation’s allure and convenience, enticing potential renters to explore further.

The Delivery

Step into the digital world of Hendon’s student accommodation as we unveil our fully responsive one-page website. Seamlessly adapting to various devices, our website offers a user-friendly experience for potential renters on the go. Vibrant pinks and purples infuse energy into the design, while clear and concise information provides essential details about the accommodation. With strategic placement of call-to-action elements, we guide visitors seamlessly through the rental process, leaving a lasting impression of the vibrant living experience awaiting them in Hendon.