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Creative Agency Services for
Education & Charity

Creative Agency Services for 
Education & Charity

At Fizzy Apple, we specialise in crafting visually stunning and impactful designs tailored for the education and charity sectors. Our team thrives on turning ideas into engaging realities, offering a spectrum of services that breathe life into educational initiatives and charitable causes. From dynamic website designs that make learning an adventure to captivating branding collateral that amplifies your organisation’s story, we’ve got the creative spark to ignite change. Explore our services for the education and charity sectors, where every project is a canvas for innovation and positive impact.

Brand Development

Unlock the A+ potential of your academic or charitable institution with our expert branding services. From playful logos that capture the essence of your company spirit to creating a typographic journey that spells out the uniqueness of your organisation, we’ve got the ABCs of branding covered.

Website Design

Elevate your academic institution’s online presence with our tailored website design services. Our team specializes in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that reflect your institution’s ethos. From intuitive navigation to responsive design, we ensure your website becomes a dynamic hub for information and enrolment.

Graphic Design

Spark creativity with our tailored graphic design services for education. We excel in crafting visually stunning materials, from vibrant prospectuses to engaging infographics. Whether it’s revamping branding or creating educational materials, we bring your vision to life with compelling graphics. Transform your content into captivating visual narratives that set your institution apart in the world of education.

OOH Advertising

We specialise in visually compelling Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising campaigns tailored to the education sector. Eye-catching billboards, transport ads, and campus displays that capture attention and convey your brand’s essence. From creative campus event promotions to enrolment drives, Fizzy Apple will amplify your educational impact and reach a broader audience through powerful and memorable OOH advertising.


Whether you’re delivering a school or funding presentation, our expert team crafts captivating showcases. We focus on visually appealing slides and a seamless flow of information. Let us transform your content into a memorable visual journey, uniquely tailored to leave an indelible impact.

Print Services

At Fizzy Apple, we are delighted to offer our clients high quality and affordable printing services. Whether it’s prospectus printing, business stationery or posters, contact us today for a quote.