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Crafting a Digital Hub for Community Connection

The Brief

The Bexhill Family Collective emerged in August 2020 as a Community Interest Company (CIC). Fizzy Apple were entrusted with the mission of creating a website that reflects the collective’s commitment to providing access to work, education, and leisure. Inspired by vibrant branding, the intention was to convey a welcoming family atmosphere and strategically encourage organic engagement.

The Concept

Our approach for the Bexhill Family Collective website was to encapsulate the essence of the community-centric mission. Drawing inspiration from vivid primary colours, expressive typography, and lively imagery, the website serves as a digital reflection of the warm and inclusive environment the collective aims to foster. The inviting design is meticulously crafted to promote a familial atmosphere, inviting community members to explore the various services and initiatives seamlessly integrated into the platform.

The Delivery

Beyond a mere digital presence, the website serves as a gateway to the Collective’s community-driven services. Anchored by a community services list and call to actions for visitors and donations alike, the platform presents essential information for potential contributors and community members. Bold, primary colours evoke positivity, while clear and accessible typography ensures an engaging user experience. Dynamic imagery showcases the Collective’s impactful initiatives, creating a visual narrative that connects website visitors to the heart of their community efforts.