Dragonflies Nursery Brand Design

Dragonflies Nursery Brand Design

Flying High: Dragonflies Nursery Brand Development Journey

The Brief

Dragonflies Nursery a beloved nursery based in East Sussex, tasked Fizzy Apple with creating a logo and brand identity. Our brief was to create a cohesive and engaging brand which reflects the nursery’s commitment to fun and learning. This brand identity needed to cross various touchpoints, including business stationery, social media collateral, printed materials, and the website.

The Concept

Our concept for Dragonflies Nursery’s brand development centers on capturing the essence of childhood wonder and joy. Inspired by the graceful dragonfly icon and its vibrant gradient colors, we infuse the brand with warmth and vitality. From the logo to business stationery and social media collateral, every element is designed to evoke a sense of playfulness and creativity. Cartoon-style illustrations featuring children engaged in various activities add a whimsical touch, inviting families to envision the nursery as a place of fun, exploration, and growth.

The Delivery

Experience the magic of Dragonflies Nursery’s brand come to life as we unveil a cohesive and engaging visual identity. From the logo’s graceful dragonfly to the playful illustrations adorning printed materials and the website, every detail reflects the nursery’s ethos of fostering a love for learning in a nurturing environment. Vibrant colors and lively imagery leap off the page, capturing the imagination of children and parents alike. With Dragonflies Nursery’s brand development, we invite families to embark on a journey of discovery and delight, where every moment is filled with joy and possibility.