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Bexhill College International Website Redefined

The Brief

Catering to the needs of an international audience, Bexhill College envisioned a new website design that marries the essence of the existing branding with a clean, modern aesthetic. Targeting 16-19 year old international students, the goal was to provide a seamless online experience highlighting academic offerings, accommodation options, and the state-of-the-art facilities available at the college.

The Concept

Our design philosophy for the Bexhill College International website revolves around a seamless fusion of modern elegance and practicality. We adopted a clean and sophisticated visual language tailored to resonate with the aspirations of 16-19 year old international students. The website emanates a sense of global connectivity, employing clean lines, refined typography, and a harmonious colour palette to create an inviting virtual environment. This design approach aims to reflect the contemporary essence of Bexhill College while prioritising clarity and accessibility for a diverse international audience.

The Delivery

Prioritising user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO), our design ensures intuitive navigation for international students exploring academic programs, accommodation details, and college facilities. The website’s contemporary aesthetics adapt the existing branding, providing a cohesive visual identity. Sections dedicated to accommodation options and college facilities offer comprehensive insights, empowering prospective international students to make informed decisions about their educational journey.