Izzard Theatre Website Design

Category: Website Design

Spotlight on theatrical design, reimagined

The Brief

Tailoring to the diverse audience of Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, Izzard Theatre embarked on a website redesign journey. Incorporating the theatre’s iconic red and black branding on a white canvas, the aim was to deliver a visually striking and user-friendly platform. The focus was on showcasing upcoming events and providing comprehensive hire information.

The Concept

Our design approach for the Izzard Theatre website embraces the theatre’s strong red and black elements, creating a dynamic online space. The clean layout, infused with vibrant imagery, aims to captivate visitors while staying true to the theatre’s brand identity. Prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality, the website fosters a seamless connection with the local community.

The Delivery

Emphasising user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO), our design ensures effortless navigation for visitors exploring event details and hire options. The contemporary aesthetics harmoniously integrate with the existing branding, establishing a cohesive visual identity. Dedicated sections for events and hiring provide in-depth insights, empowering users to make informed decisions about their theatre experience.