Prospectus Design

Category: Graphic Design
Bexhill College Prospectus

Unveiling the Future with “Good Vibes Only” Inspirations

The Brief

As the foremost sixth form college in East Sussex, Bexhill College annually seeks innovative approaches to inspire and engage potential students, driving applications. A pivotal aspect of their marketing strategy involves incorporating a fresh creative theme into all promotional channels, spanning the website, prospectus, advertisements, social media, school presentations, and open days.

The Concept

Building upon the dynamic “Good Vibes Only” theme, inspired by late 80s/early 90s TV/film aesthetics, our prospectus redesign is a celebration of vibrant colors, geometric shapes, patterns, neon, and gradients. The aim is to infuse the prospectus with the same bold, high-impact, and high-speed fun experience, resonating with prospective students and creating a visually captivating narrative of what Bexhill College has to offer.

The Delivery

Our prospectus redesign meticulously weaves together the college’s key messaging within the energetic visual language of the “Good Vibes Only” theme. Every page tells a story of academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and the promise of a dynamic educational journey. By maintaining a harmonious connection to the overall theme, the prospectus serves as a compelling and immersive introduction to the unparalleled experience that awaits students at Bexhill College.