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Category: Graphic Design
Bexhill College Open Evening Programme Design

Delivering 2023-2024 Theme Branding to Bexhill College

The Brief

Bexhill College is the leading sixth form college in the East Sussex region. A key part of their yearly marketing strategy is a new creative theme to inspire and excite prospective students, encouraging applications. This theme will be delivered across all marketing channels, including the website, prospectus, advertisements, social media, school presentations, and open days.

The Concept

We extensively researched the 16-19 age group for real-world insights, considering social media trends and popular culture. To capture the attention of prospective students and differentiate from competitors, we determined that the theme design should be bold, colourful, and suitable for presentations and open days. The selected “Good Vibes Only” theme draws inspiration from late 80s/early 90s TV/film aesthetics, encompassing vibrant colours, geometric shapes, patterns, neon, and gradients, delivering a bold, high-impact, and high-speed fun experience.

The Delivery

We meticulously crafted vibrant flyers and bifold brochures, ensuring that each element encapsulated the essence of the chosen theme. Our goal was to convey key messaging in a bold and high-impact manner, resonating with the college’s prospective students and setting the tone for an engaging and memorable event. The result is a visually stunning representation that not only aligns with the ‘Good Vibes Only’ theme but also stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering creative excellence.

Bexhill College Open Evening Flyer