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Bentley's Menu

A Taste of Americana: Bentley’s Smokehouse Menu Redefined

The Brief

Situated in the picturesque town of Bexhill-on-Sea, Bentley’s Smokehouse, renowned for its authentic Grillhouse cuisine, sought a menu design that not only celebrated their existing brand but also paid homage to classic Americana influences. Our task was to create a menu that seamlessly blended with Bentley’s Smokehouse branding while embodying the warmth and charm of Southern hospitality.

The Concept

Informed by the rich cultural tapestry of Americana, our creative journey delved into the heart of Southern design elements. We aimed to evoke the nostalgic allure of roadside diners and traditional smokehouses. Drawing inspiration from classic signage, rustic textures, and a color palette reminiscent of warm Southern sunsets, we conceptualized a menu design that transported diners to the heart of Southern culinary traditions. The typography echoed a timeless charm, and subtle nods to Bentley’s Smokehouse branding ensured a cohesive visual identity.

The Delivery

Our meticulous execution resulted in a menu that authentically portrayed Bentley’s Smokehouse flavours while embracing the charm of classic Americana. Each section received detailed attention, enhancing the dining experience and preserving Bentley’s identity.

For the festive season, we extended our design prowess to Bentley’s Christmas menus. Embracing a captivating charcoal, white and gold colour palette, the menus offered a visually striking departure while staying true to Bentley’s aesthetic. This unique design, distinct from the regular menu, aimed to captivate customers with its festive elegance and ensure a memorable holiday dining experience.

Bentleys Christmas Menu